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by Silverleaf on Jul 11, 2019 at 12:35 PM
These guild rules have been discussed among the leadership and have all been agreed upon. Updated on 11 of July, 2019.


Guild Policies are to be followed at all times, unless some form of exception is made by an officer.


No matter how well we get along, disagreements are bound to happen. If you don’t agree with a guild policy or decision, talk to an Officer or post an articulate, well-reasoned explanation of your position with an officer. Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. Flames are not. If you have a problem with another guild member, take it to whispers or ask an Officer to step in and mediate. Don’t let minor disagreements erupt into major ones, especially in guild or raid chat (nobody wants to hear it). Excessive negativity, complaints and derogatory comments about policies, players or the guild as a whole are never appropriate, least of all in guild or public chat channels or discord.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for drama. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong: if you instigate or perpetuate drama and continually try to hinder other players, you will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including demotion, suspension of privileges. If some other members bothers you during a raid, be the wise player and ignore him. Mention it to an officer and let them deal with it.



All we want is simple: respect our guild name and your fellow guild members, and act in the way that we all want Qiraji to be known for. We want progression, we wouldn’t be raiding if we didn’t; but we want to progress together, as a guild. We aren’t gearing you up for bigger and better things; we’re gearing you up so we can do bigger and better things together. We aren’t a stepping stone to a more advanced guild and won’t tolerate being treated as such. The bottom line is this: we aren’t a revolving door. If you leave the guild without giving anyone the courtesy of an explanation that is valid, or if leadership is forced to remove you for any reason, then you will not be invited to return.

Anyone who is rage logging, rage quitting, quitting during the middle of a raid etc, without a valid reason under any circumstances is subject to being removed from the guild at the Officer’s discretion without any forewarning.


First, and foremost it is to be understood by ALL members of the guild, that we are a raiding progression guild. Meaning our primary focus is to gear up, learn, and kill raid bosses in progression through out End Game content that is current in the Warmane TBC private server.


The main expectation of our Raiders is that everyone is REQUIRED to know the ins and outs of their class thoroughly. Which means, if said players plans on playing the role of a Tank, Healer, or DPS then it is expected that they will know everything necessary to be as successful as possible in that roll. Also it is expected that ALL of our Raiders will be versatile in their raiding specializations. For example; for a Hybrid class as a Druid, the player who may be performing the primary role of a Tank, Healer, or DPS is also REQUIRED to have an additional secondary raiding specialization.

We are using a DKP system. Remember - Gear is for progression and only the common good matters.

In order to raid with the guild on our scheduled raid nights, members are required to be what is considered “Raid Ready”. This meaning that the members in the raid are as geared as possible with regards to complete full and correct enchantments, and full knowledge of the future bosses.

Raiders are expected to maintain a list of “Best In Slot” items so that when they are looking to obtain gear from a raid they will already know exactly what type or specific piece of gear they need. This will help ensure that everyone is working towards getting to the peak of their raiding ability within their roles.

Raid invitations for that nights scheduled raid are to begin 30 minutes prior to the scheduled “Start Time” of the raid. Those who signed up will get first priority for a raid position.

For a player who may be running late and has accepted a raid invitation on the calendar, we will wait a MAXIMUM of ten minutes. After the allotted time has past, the player will be replaced by another member of the raid team

During a Boss encounter the DISCORD server will remain “clear”. Meaning there will be NO unnecessary talking that can cause raiders to lose focus. If you are called out by the raid leader, don’t tell us your whole story. Keep it short, keep it clean and most important of all don’t start discussions.


The trial rank is meant for us to test your capability as a raider. You will be required to be able to raid at least 9 out of 12 over 4 weeks as a minimum, this should not be strived for and you should always aim for 100% attendance. The trial period varies depending on your performance and attendance, you might be promoted after 1 raid reset but it may also take 3 raid resets, we will Always update you after every raid week about your performance.

This rank is meant for players that used to be Raiders but are either no longer able to raid three days a week on a regular basis or we feel like their performance is not on par with the other Core Raiders, let it be number wise or mechanics wise. Members do not get raid spots in progression content, unless we don’t have enough players.

The Raider rank means that your performance is close to what we want it to be and you are reliable player and show up on nearly all raids. Raiders communicate on time if they can’t make the raid. It’s important to know that if you achieved the Raider rank, it doesn't mean it’s permanent. If it happens that you can’t make it to the raid on regular basis, without notifying the officers, then you might be discussed within the officers team and end up being demoted to substitute, however this rarely happens. (Real life situations may come up and we fully understand that, as long as people let us know on time and give valid reasons we don’t mind at all.)


It’s important to note that we’re always on the look for better players. It’s your responsibility to maintain your raid spot, we won’t do that for you. With that being said, we will never replace raiders just based on your logs. Everything comes in consideration, your attitude, your mechanic knowledge and execution, your logs and your overall contribution to the guild. If we feel like you aren’t a good fit for the guild, let it be for your attitude but you are the best DPS in the guild we won’t hesitate in finding a replacement – numbers aren’t everything.