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A Tale of Two Worlds

Silverleaf / Jul 11, 2019
A year ago our world crumbled beneath our feet. Our legacy was snatched away from us, leaving us cold and empty, disheartened and distraught. Some could not reconcile with the grief and left us. Others followed us into exile…

Beaten, but not broken. Scorned, but not forgotten. Banished, but not vanquished!

We settled upon the shattered world of Draenor in search of new hope. We faced new foes, overcame new challenges and found new champions. But we never forgot whence we came. We never ceased yearning for what we had lost.

Now we are offered a new beginning in our home of old. Is this a wistful dream, spawned of melancholy … or is it a gift from the heralds above? Even our wisest shamans cannot pierce this mystery, for no seer can foretell his own destiny. But our warriors grow restless and long to reunite with their lost brethren.

We shall not abandon our home, but nor shall we huddle in our hovels and let the world pass us by. We shall send our bravest through the portal into this new Azeroth. We shall win our legacy back!

Two tribes – one clan. Two stories – one destiny. Two worlds – one dream.


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